Pure Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99 For Sale




Pure Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99 For Sale

Pure Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99 For Sale

Offer Description – Pure Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99 For Sale

Mercury Purity: 99.999%, 99.99%

Other Name:Hydrargyrum, Hydrargyri CAS No.: 7439-97-6 EINECS: 231-106-7 MF: Hg Appearance: Silver metallic liquid

–Molecular Weight: 200.59
— Molecular Formula :Hg
–Melting Point: -38.87 deg C
–Boiling Point: 356.6 ° C(lit. )
–Solubility: Insoluble in water
–Purity 99.9%
— Odor: odorless
— Vapor Pressure: 0.002 mm Hg @ 25C
— Vapor Density: 7.0
— Free from heavy metals
— Freezing/Melting Point:-38.87 dig C
– Viscosity: 15.5 mP @ 25 dig C
–Ignited residue volume= 0.001%
–Impurity Fe= 0.00004%; Other heavy metals (Pb) = 0.00004%
— Specific Gravity/Density: 13.59 (water=1)

Package: In grams and 34.5kg still flask.


-agricultural poisons,
-anti-fouling paint,
-dental amalgams,
-minning, electronics, and chemical synthesis. (to remove gold and other metals from ore),
-dry cell batteries,
-chlorine and caustic soda production,
-electrical apparatus, and as a
-neutron absorber in nuclear power plants.

Safety: Poison by inhalation. Human systemic effects by inhalation: Wakefulness, muscle weakness, anorexia, headache, tinnitus, hypermotility, diarrhea, liver changes, dermatitis, fever.

First aid: If liquid from leaker comes in contact with skin, remove immediately with water. For eye contact flush with copious amounts of water for fifteen minutes and see physician.

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