Heart Chakra Tuning Fork



Heart Chakra Tuning Fork

This green heart chakra tuning fork comes with its own pouch, a 7″ mallet and is stamped at 136.10 Hz. and coincides with the C# note which is also known as the Earth tone.

Tuning forks are a gentle acoustic sound therapy and the vibration of this fork is tuned to the heart chakra situated in the center of your chest.

When your heart chakra is open and flowing smoothly you generate more inner compassion, nuturing and uncontional love which allows you to be in better touch with your feelings.

For best results tap the tuning fork over the heart chakra and move in a circular motion or just hold in the hand because the vibration will intuitively know where to go. This will create a smooth energy flow and a more balanced harmonious state in the heart chakra.

  • Tuning fork material: Metal
  • Tuning fork length: 8 inches
  • Frequency: 136.10 Hz
  • Color: Green
  • Mallet length: 7 inches


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