Copper And Clear Quartz Pyramid Generator


Copper And clear Quartz Pyramid Generator
The shape of a pyramid is a form of Golden Ratio Sacred Geometry that harnesses, absorbs, clarifies and disperses energy primarily based at the materials from which it’s far made. In this case it’s miles the brilliant and clarifying Quartz Crystal and Copper Coils.

clean Quartz is a crystal regarded for its revitalizing and cleaning properties that encompass dissipating terrible strengthselling healthful feelings and enhancing normal well-being.

The Copper Coils serve to feature to the technology and propulsion of the clean Quartz active residences and also produce bad ions, which have been shown to clean pollution in the air and create a more balanced and enjoyable surroundings.

you can vicinity this elegant and exciting item on an quit table in your own home or a desk for your paintings space. Crystal power mills additionally make the ideal focal point and centerpiece for Crystal Grids. Of directionit is also a super tool for meditation, electricity healing and uplifting your mood.

fabric: 1 clean Quartz crystal pyramid
extra cloth: Copper
Weight: 50g
total lengthfour×four inches


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