Strongest Herbal Incense

We have lots of incense which are good and strong but some stand out as being the strongest herbal incense and becuase of their reputation, they are always on very high demand. All our products are potent enough to get you satisfied but some stand out like: Brainfreeze, Dr Feelgood, Bizarro, Mind Trip, Hammer Head, Krazy Jack, Trainwreck, Diablo, AK-47, Cloud9 Mad Hatter and a few more.

50 State Legal Herbal Incense 

Before some states in the US do not allow the sales of incense. Now many states are making incense legal for sale. And the herbal incense we sell is a 50 state legal herbal incense. Even though we do 100% discreet delivery to maintain our customers identity private and anonymous. The Chemicals we put in our herbal incense makes it not illegal and our incense still maintains it's super strength and potency.

How to Make Herbal Incense

So many people wonder how to make herbal incense. The process is simple when you got the required ingredients. For our incense, we put a little more to make it stronger but we shall give you an insight of how to make herbal incense. You will be needing wild dagga 7g of flowers and indian warrior 7g of dried buds, with some kanna 14g - smokers cut unfermented. Finally you would need salvia divinorum 20x extract 5g. Some of these ingredients are really tough to get but that's the receipe for making herbal incense. Then you have to move to the steps.

Step 1: Ground Grind the Ingredients separately
Step 2: Put wild dagga in a clean glass bower which is big enough to do some real mixing
Step 3: Do Mix in some Indian Warrior buds
Step 4: Also mix some kanna
Step 5: Add some Salvia and mix up
Step 6: Constantly mix up and by now you would have about an Ounce.

Note: This is very strong so, we advice to use it with caution.

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