Cheap Herbal Incense

At Dolphin Herbal Incense Store, we sell the best quality of herbal incense and at a very cheap and affordable price. We understand lots of customers would want to smoke legal highs at little or no cost. So we decided to make our customers satisfied and provide them with the best but at an affordable rate. Our returning customers knows the standard and potency of our incense. Our Quality is uncomparable and our prices are so reasonably affordable. We sell Cheap Herbal Incense so if you want the best for less, then go no further. Shop with us and save more!

Liquid Herbal Incense

Been smoking the same flavour and need a strawberry or Blueberry flavour for a change? Then you are at the right store. We sell Liquid Herbal Incense in varieties of flavours ranging from cherries, blueberry, strawberry, mango etc. Each Flavour comes with a new buzz and emotions. Therefore making you eager to smoke some more.

Herbal Potpourri

When chemicals are sprayed or soaked in base material, the blend is sometimes misleading and could be refered to Synthetic marijuana. There are several blend that could be made up of this which could be called herbal incense or herbal potpourri. Some people call it herbal smoking blends and people consume this by smoking. There potpourri' are strong to the extend where it could brighten up your day.

Relieves you off a hard days work. Relaxes you and keeps you in just the right mood to see you through a quiet and proper night rest.

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