Code Black Pineapple

Get Ready for Tropical Herbal Bliss

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Sometimes there is this feeling of just taking a vacation to an island where u can have a perfect tan in the sun and have the services of fresh fuit juices served every now and then. But very few of us can afford such tropical vacation trips. The next time you find yourself in such a mood, try burning Code Black Pineapple. Yes you might not have the exact feeling as lying on the beach, but should you close your eyes and relax your mind, you may just have the feeling of walking through a tropical pineapple groove. The Code Black Pineapple incense produces a smooot sweet scent tha will easily take over your senses. While the smoke is strong, the scent isn’t. When you inhale you’ll find yourself enjoying the perfect blend of sweetness and summertime. By the second breath you’re going to feel your cares melting away as you lose yourself in a daydream. By the time the incense has burned out, you will feel rejuvenated and energized. This provides you with an everyday tropical vacation.

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